Monday, April 9, 2012

"Is that ice in your beer?"

This was a question that I received today from one of the other daytime drinkers that was lucky enough to escape the real world for a few hours in what we call happy hour. I was a little surprised at the question but that was mainly because I forgot what I drinking. I had grabbed a drink from the bartender that not two years ago I would have never even thought about ordering at any bar regardless of happy hour; a cider!

I always thought of hard ciders as rich, cloyingly sweet drinks that guarantee headaches yet a new brand became available and someone forced me (actually forced) to try some and ever since, I have been a fully convert. Crispin is the name of this new treat and it's an apple cider that is gluten free and has a nice 5.0% ABV to it. The best (and probably only way) to have this perfect year round drinker is over ice, making it overly easy to drink.

So, back to the bar and my fellow boozers at happy hour(s), I found myself holding myself back from jumping up on my stool and shouting like a soapbox preacher, and instead calmly and cooly insisted that my comrade in this battle of the booze have a Crispin. After his first sip, I could tell that his desire to jump up and Reverend Al Sharpton everyone's ass in the bar about the joys of Crispin was on the tip of mind. Another great convert.

I now challenge you to go out and try something new, different and amazing. And do it over ice! You won't be disappointed.

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