Monday, March 26, 2012

Everyday White Burgundy!

I have always been a fan of wine but there is one region of the world that I truly love and will always be ready for a bottle or two; the wines of Burgundy France.  Burgundy is home to two of the most amazing grapes ever, Chardonnay for the whites and Pinot Noir for the reds.  The bottle that was fortunate enough to make it's way out the liquor store and into my glass is none other than the 2010 Domaine Laroche Bourgogne Blanc Tete de Cuvee.

Domaine Laroche is a stellar house based out of the Chablis region of northern Burgundy.  This particular Bourgogne Blanc (the literal translation is White Burgundy) is made from grapes that Laroche sources from the south of Burgundy in an area called Maconnais, made in a style of Chablis.  When I say that, I mean clean, crisp and minerally.  No oak whatsoever.  This wine also uses a Stelvin closure (or screwcap but we will discuss this more in a future post) which I just absolutely love.

This great under $20 bottle is exactly what you would expect from a house of impeccable pedigree, such as Domaine Laroche.  The nose is loaded with bright stone fruits and hints of lime and citrus that are wonderfully layered.  The palate is where this deal of a wine shines.  The palate is balanced and crisp with elegant pear and apple notes and a slight touch of lime blossom.  The finish is wonderfully smooth and soft, making for a perfect everyday Burgundy (yes they do exist) and worth every penny!  Happy drinking.

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