Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Naked Breasts & Champagne

I recently published an article via ( that I feel is perfectly fitting for the biggest party of the year that is right around the corner; New Year's Eve!  Enjoy.

No, you didn’t read this wrong. Before the world was used to traditional
Champagne flutes that are used every New Years Eve, every birth, every promotion and in every strip club, the world was used to drinking out of a glass that had a more voluptuous nature to them. Or at least they thought it had a voluptuous nature to it.
The rumor had it that the original coupe glasses were molded after Marie
Antoniette’s (Queen of France in the late 1700s) left breast so that she could have her court toast to her good health. The truth is that this glass goes back further than Marie
Antoniette but the fiction is much more intriguing then the fact. But how did something as interesting and sexy as creating a glass for Champagne molded after a monarch’s left naked breast make it’s way into the world’s rumor mill? Easy, it’s partially true (shocking that history misconstrued a partial truth as fact).
Let me explain. Marie Antoniette was a bit of a unique woman with a strong belief in a back-to-nature view of life and made her subjects follow suit. In doing so, Marie actually had milk bowls fashioned from her left breast and it is from here that the story was most likely twisted up with the Champagne coupe.
Marie was a touch kinky. Truly she was. Her milk bowls were fashioned (most likely as supportive as Victoria’s Secret but nowhere near as comfortable) to be part of her “Pleasure Dairy” which was when her and her subjects ran around pretending to be milkmaids. They would frolic around, churn butter, dispense milk and dance in her rustically designed chateau in Versailles.
It was this act, along with her widely known obsession with the sexual practicings of Venus and Bacchus, that most likely caused the confusion of the history of this great glass. Although the truth isn’t as interesting as the myth, give me the myth any day of the week as sex generally trumps truth. So raise a coupe glass and enjoy the myth.

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